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Eye Time 
A Visual clock. The left eye represents the hour of the day and the right eye represents the minute of the day. Just a cute way to display the time.

Slots Alot 
A Slot Machine game that's cute and fun. You start out with 1000 coins and if you lose it all just click Insert Coin. There are 7 different themes to choose from: Fruit, Birds, Tech, Animals, Teddys, Skulls, and Rocks. Winnings are from 1x to 10x and you can win several lines at a time, horizontally and vertically.

Media Web Page Creator 2001 
This program creates web pages using your GIF, JPG, WAV, MID, MP3, AVI, and MPG files. 
Choose your adjustments, click Create,  and a tabled-layout page is created. If you don't like the results, change some settings and recreate it. You have full control over the image sizes, page colors, number of columns, borders, captions, file order, and more. This is the easiest way to create multimedia web pages! Includes cursor-sensitive help. No HTML knowledge needed. Use it as an MP3 player. Use it as graphics viewer. Use it to organize your hard drive. Use it to watch movies. (MPG & AVI). Click on the picture to view the screen shots and additional information.

HTML Media Page Writer v2.5
This program lets you easily create web pages showing all of your GIF/JPG pictures in a table. Registered users have the ability to create web pages showing WAV/MID/MP3 Sound files in a table, and create  snapshots from AVI frames and then build AVI web pages. Pictures are marked with alternate text, and  they link to the picture to view in actual  size. You can choose pictures for your sound files. Sounds are marked with alternate text and play when they are clicked. This program actually creates 'thumbnail' images of your JPG pictures for faster loading and viewing of  web pages.

This is an oldie but a goodie... It was written in 1999 by one of our employees as a test. We liked it so much, we've kept it around. Viewmate lets you view BMP, ICO, JPG, and GIF files. It can scan your entire hard drive for these types and let you view them using the file list. When you click on a picture, a maximized window pops up with navigation to let you peruse in full screen. Viewmate sports a clock and even has an alarm. Just click on the time and a window pops up where you set the alarm and the alarm's text message. 

A Fake Copy program. You can use it to make yourself and your computer look busy. It doesn't do anything, it just gives the appearance of doing something. Right-click and you can change the title, description, and the amount of time it takes to complete. Just a cute, fun program.

A Fake Install program. Use it to make yourself and your computer look busy. It doesn't install anything, it just gives the appearance of installing something. Right-click and you can change the title, information, description, and the amount of time it takes to complete. Another cute, fun program.

A program that removes spaces from any filename or list of filenames. Just drag the file(s) into the swirling vortex and spaces are instantly removed. It even works on folders and shortcuts!  250 files maximum at a time.

A program that displays all JPGs, GIFs, and BMPs within a directory, as a slideshow. Right-click to pop-up a menu and choose Settings (shown on the left) to change directories, background color, time of delay, and the showing of the filename. From the pop-up menu, you can also choose to copy, move, and delete the image you're viewing. Use it as a screen saver. Show off your pictures.

Silly Little Dice Game
is just that, silly. But, for those times when you can't find the real dice, it may come in handy.
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